Apparently I have a blog here. I’m as surprised as you are!


  1. 2023-01-05 Run yourself a local telephone network with Asterisk and NixOS
  2. 2022-05-22 Hacking on Isabelle/ML
  3. 2021-11-13 Are Nix Expressions Pacman-Complete?


Sometimes I do things. Sometimes I also don’t. But some of them are listed here:

Most of my code is published on my own instance of cgit. Unfortunately there’s no obvious way to e.g. create an issue on one of my repositories if you’ve found a bug.

Tbh I’m still trying to figure out what a good alternative might look like; in the meantime, feel free to ping me (via mail or on the fediverse) for issues/bugs, and I’ll also be delighted to receive feedback & patches via email.


These books were published under an open license by other people; I’ve merely converted them into a format I find easier to read:

(notes on exact license & link to original publication are are in the introduction of each book)