bahnhof.namesources for the website
base_keysmashnot to be taken seriously
confignon-static aspects of this cgit's configuration 3 years
conftrackmy own little multi-source configuration library for haskell programs
doomdirmy Doom Emacs configuration
excel2gtfshacky thing to generate Ilztalbahn GTFS
git-annex-remote-remarkable2a slightly-cursed git annex special remote to put files on my eink reader
ilztalbahn-gtfstut tut hier kommt der Schienenbus 🚞
isabelle-utilsattempts at improving isabelle tooling outside jedit 3 years
mindthegapget information on DB service interruptions
nixfilesmy nixfiles
nixqrust thing to automatically edit nixpkgs
ntfy-matrix-botforwarding my monit events via ntfy into matrix
picarones"next slide please!" as a service 3 years
playgroundplace for smaller experiments which may or may not grow into larger things 14 months
showrtprint gtfs realtime feeds on console in human-readable format
slightly-better-surveysslightly better web-based surveys than elsewhere (even encrypted!)
tracktraintrack trains on their traintracks
traveltexttravelynx terminal client
vdv-protocolsVDV protocols (parts of 451, 452, 453 & 454) implemented in Haskell
walintA linter for workadventure maps
workadventure-nixNix packages and module for workadventure 3 years
Isabelle-HoTTtrying to make Isabelle/HoTT work with Isabelle 2021-1 24 months
almanacpretty-printer for upcoming ical events; fork of months
deploy-rsforked from 9 months
dhall_rustworking copy forked from
gtfs-books with mdbook support
hedgedocHedgedoc with support for CindyScript
luxfork of for my bookshelf 16 months
uplcgThe Untitled Programming Language Card Game (with Nix support) sources 3 years