This may be a short book, but I hope it did its job of showing you the power that Lux has got to offer.

The beauty of a programming language is that it is a tool for the mind.

It gives you the structure and order you need to turn your thoughts into logical machines that consume and transform and move around information on computers.

But, the structure a programming language provides is not constraining, but enabling.

It gives you the power to perform amazingly complex tasks with relatively little effort.

My mission with Lux has been (and continues to be) to create a language that maximizes the effectiveness of programmers, by making it as easy as possible to achieve great levels of complexity, without getting buried by it.

Lux is still in its adolescence.

What you have learned is Lux version 0.7.0.

In future releases, much more power will be added to the language, more platforms will be within reach of Lux programmers, and better performance will be achieved, with little to no effort on the side of programmers.

The future of Lux is bright, and this is just the beginning of an amazing adventure for you, my dear reader.